Little Big Programmes


Our curriculum is built on the belief that children are active learners who have a natural curiosity to explore and experiment with the things in their environment. More than being taught, children need to be presented with the possibilities for them to discover on their own.

This is why our teachers adopt the role of exploring and learning alongside the children to inculcate a love for learning. Guided by the teachers, the children proactively decide their direction of study, the research methods and avenues to explore their newfound knowledge.

Teachers document the entire process to observe and evaluate the children’s learning process. To enable parents to be in touch with their learning process, e-newsletters containing the classroom discussions, activities and photos are sent weekly.

Besides encouraging creativity, we are mindful to prepare our preschoolers for the demands of Primary School. To ensure that they are equipped adequately with the necessary skills, we have in place our phonics programme from the United States, Sing, Spell, Read and Write. On top of that, our kindergarteners will embark on an Individual Reading Programme. Our Math programme is designed to help children grasp Math concepts in a fun and meaningful way through games.

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