Our Art programme emphasizes on the basic literacy in art – the ability to understand art concepts such as colour, texture, line, shape, space and form. The projects that the children embark on provide a ready platform for artistic expression and application of art skills.


Studies have shown that music enhances other learning, such as the acquisition of language, listening skills, math skills, auditory discrimination, social understanding, and personal discovery. Our objective is to introduce children to music in an environment that is both fun and nurturing. Hence songs and music & movement is an integral part of the daily class sessions.


Our outdoor play area is designed to allow children to develop their motor skills through active play and exploration. Specific activities are planned daily to ensure balanced development of the essential motor skills. We have in place a wide variety of outdoor activities like water play, sand play, cycling, relay games, obstacle courses and big playground equipment for climbing, sliding and balancing. As they engage in these activities, children will get to learn important values like co-operation, taking turns, respect for others and teamwork.


Little Big strongly believes and places emphasis on building and developing the character of a child. By creating a positive environment of affirmation and encouragement, we aim to develop the child’s self-worth and self-confidence. Through stories, modeling from teachers and social interaction with peers, children will learn to understand concepts like respect, responsibility, co-operation, love, trust, kindness, generosity and self-control.


Little Big also provides enrichment classes. Click here to find out more.