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Between the ages four to six, children are more competent and articulate in using language to convey their ideas and thoughts. This allows us to progress from content-based delivery to utilising the inquiry-based Project Approach to conduct our classes.

The highly acclaimed Project Approach by Dr. Lillian Katz is an emergent curriculum that builds on the interests of the children. It allows them to explore possibilities, solve problems, inquire, and investigate across the various disciplines (Math, Science, Language). In the process, the Project Approach helps to develop initiative, resourcefulness, resourcefulness, and co-operation, habits of mind that lay the foundation for life-long learning.


Our English language programme is well-supported by a highly recognized and effective phonics and reading programme from the United States called Sing, Spell, Read & Write (SSRW). It incorporates a wide range of catchy songs and games that teaches the letter names, letters sound, vowels, vowel combinations and consonant blends. The whole phonics instruction is sequenced in a systematic manner to build a firm a foundation that will prepare the children to become confident speakers, independent readers and creative writers.

At the Nursery 2 level, children will be introduced to the 26 letter sounds of the alphabet. Emphasis will be placed on recognizing the letters and sounding them.

At the Kindergarten level, each child is placed on an individualized reading programme in Kindergarten 1 & 2 where his/her reading progress is carefully monitored. A wide range of genres will be introduced to the child, including readers, poetry, newspapers articles, comics, advertisements, etc. Creative writing will form an integral part of the language programme.


The Chinese curriculum is based on themes that are supported by a wide array of Chinese stories. These stories are carefully selected to introduce interesting content knowledge, rhythmic structures, vocabulary and age-appropriate concepts .

To capitalise on the children’s increasing language competencies, the children will begin reading and writing in the Chinese language. This is done through games, individual reading time and work time in their daily schedules.  The children are also introduced to the pictorial representation of the Chinese characters through a Chinese software. Hanyu Pinyin will be introduced in Kindergarten 2.


For the all levels, children will be engaged in fun activities and games that will help them to meaningfully grasp the mathematical concepts such as number operations, problem solving, measurement, spatial awareness.