Programme Bar - Little Owls


The three years old are at the stage of rapid development in their expressive language and communication skills. Our Little Owls programme is designed to encourage the exploration of the letter sounds in the alphabet. Based on our highly effective phonics programme fron the United States, Sing, Spell, Read and Write (SSRW), the children will learn the letter sounds through catchy songs. Songs and rhymes are an integral part of this programme. Mini project topics will be introduced based on the stories relating to the Letter of the Week.


Our Chinese programme will be conducted in tandem with the English project topics so as to reinforce the children’s learning in both languages. Songs, rhymes and stories will be the introduced daily to help them learn Chinese in a fun and engaging manner.


Numeracy skills are systematically introduced to the children at various stages. At Nursery Level, the children will master the concept of numbers through fun pre-number activities, songs and rhymes. Emphasis is placed on conducting hands-on activities that encourage children to handle physical materials so as to learn mathematical concepts in a meaningful way.