Programme Bar - Little Tales


Two year old toddlers are curious learners constantly trying to make sense of the world around them. Our Little Tales programme is a literature-based curriculum that capitalises on young children’s keen interest in stories. Through carefully selected stories, we aim to introduce thoughts, experiences and language that will enable the little ones to purposefully interact with their environment. Each week there will be particular focus on one story; it becomes a springboard for an array of learning opportunities.


Similarly, our literature-based Chinese programme seeks to enhance the appreciation of the Chinese language through stories, rhymes and songs. The focus is on empowering the children with confidence to speak in both Mandarin. Our bilingual environment allows teachers to spend time conversing with them in both languages.


At this very young age, we recognize that toddlers are exploratory learners who learn best in a multi-sensorial environment. An inviting and interactive environment is carefully designed to provide meaningful learning experiences for the toddlers.

It is essential in their first year of school that the two year olds establish self-help skills and good habits. Hence, routines are an intergral part of the curriculum as they facilitate the development of independence and transition to being in a group.