Aaron Kronstadt

Amie Wang
(Mother of Aaron Kronstadt 5 years old, Evan Krondstadt, 3 years old in 2014)

Through a friend’s recommendation, I visited Little Big as a potential pre-school for our two boys. We liked what we saw – bookshelves full of books, lots of toys and play things, creative handmade decorations. It happened to be the week prior to end-of-year performance and I saw how hard the teachers were working to make costumes and props. We decided to move our eldest boy to Little Big at the start of 2012. We could tell right away that the teachers loved being with young children. Aaron told us how much he liked Little Big shortly after joining. Happy with Aaron’s development at Little Big, we started our younger boy, Evan, at Little Big in 2013.

What we really like about Little Big is that the teachers introduce ideas and conduct lessons in various ways using multiple senses. The children have fun experimenting and learning through play, which is exactly how young children ought to learn. Moreover, we have a real partnership with the staff and teachers and the lines of communication are always open.

Leon Loh

Lim Yu Lin
(Mother of Leon Loh, 6 years old & Isabel Loh, 4 years old in 2014)

I enrolled Leon (K2) and Isabel (N2) in Little Big at the start of 2013.  They had transferred from another prominent chain of pre-schools and I have absolutely no regrets in choosing Little Big!  I was looking for a pre-school that had generous space, caring teachers, a balanced curriculum and, most importantly, kids who looked genuinely happy to be there.

The staff at Little Big are truly gems. The teachers are energetic, observant and well-spoken, truly passionate about early childhood education. They interact with the little ones in a way that builds esteem and strength of character.  They promote good social graces yet are able to relate to my kids individually, very much aware of their strengths and weaknesses.  Adding to that is their concern and affection they display towards the children, plus willingness to accept parental feedback. It’s no wonder the kids themselves respect and speak warmly of them.

Little Big also boasts a unique curriculum that promotes holistic, experiential learning.  While grounded in the necessary academic fundamentals, it deliberately allows the children to participate meaningfully in lessons, incorporating their suggestions, however wild and silly, into stories, experiments and project investigations. Every semester holds some element of surprise for them, and no two years are exactly alike in their experience. Incorporating enrichment classes into the curriculum (rather that making them opt-in) allows all full-day kids to be exposed to activities like Mandarin speech and drama, dance, music and even cookery!  This certainly also gives busy mums like myself peace of mind that they are enjoying a well-rounded education during the school week.

Overall, I am heartened by how my two kids have developed over the last year or so, and am appreciative for Little Big’s positive influence in this.  It’s a real sign that they are in the right school when I pick them up at the end of each day… and it takes some effort to get them to leave!

Nicolas Lim

Vivian Moon
(Mother of Nicolas Lim, 6 years old & Harrison Lim, 4 years old in 2014)

Nicolas and Harrison were both 18 months old when they first joined Little Big. In fact, Nicolas was when Little Big first commenced in 2009! At Little Big we found what we were looking for – a welcoming atmosphere, friendly and caring teachers, an environment which inspires curiosity.

Little Big has certainly met all our expectations in terms of curriculum, teachers, environment, friends and enrichment programs.

Aside from the friendships (both kids and parents), the best takeaway is the positive attitude that Nicolas has towards learning new things and schooling. I believe the delivery of the teaching at LB has provided a good platform for Nicolas to continue his education with the right mindset- learning is fun.

At the end of this year, Nicolas leaves Little Big a confident, inquisitive young boy with a hunger for learning.

Our boys really loved all their teachers, and their dedication to each and every student is a wonderful thing to have in a school.

Thank you so much Little Big!


Evelyn Quek
(Mother of Vera 5 years old and Kayla, 4 years old in 2011)

My girls Vera and Kayla have been with Little Big since it opened its doors in July 2009. School is never a dull moment for them who attend the full day programmes.

I particularly like how the school empowers and engages the little ones – from deciding on their class names to choosing and painting the very chairs they sit on. When Vera, my older daughter first started school, she was a perfectionist who did not dare to draw. With encouragement from her teachers and the Art enrichment class which she attends in school, she now loves drawing. More importantly, she has learnt to dare to try new things and that it is all right to fail sometimes.

The teachers have created a safe environment where the kids dare to explore, learn to push boundaries, be creative and have fun while picking up their academic fundamentals. These are the very qualities I want my girls to grow up with – happy childhood memories and character building blocks which will stay with them for a long time.


Samantha Dereus
(Mother of Vienna, 4 years old in 2009)

My daughter Vienna has been attending Little Big from the first day it opened in July 2009. Over the months she has turned into a very confident little girl. Sending Vienna to Little Big has been a very positive experience, for both of us. I can relax knowing she is happy in school, and she is having fun in a learning, social environment.

The curriculum suits Vienna very well. Little Big does a lot of creative projects, with new projects all the time. Vienna loves to learn new things and Little Big has found the recipe to keep her constantly enthusiastic. She comes home sharing her newly learnt facts about nature, and singing songs. She has really learnt to socialize well with her peers. She also loves to attend the enrichment classes in the afternoon, especially Art, which is of particular interest to Vienna. She is happy going in the mornings, and full of life when she gets home. Sometimes Vienna asks me “Am I going to Little Big today?” When I tell her she isn’t, she complains. That’s how I know she is happy.


Chu Wen Li
(Mother of Zachary, 3 years old in 2009)

Since Zachary attended Little Big, we have seen tremendous improvement in many aspects. For one, he has grown to be more independent and has picked up good habits that are taught in school. His vocabulary has also increased and is now able to speak in full sentences.

We are especially happy with the commitment and loving care the teachers give the children. We are extremely impressed with how the teachers are committed to uploading pictures and video clips of the children everyday so that the parents are kept up to date with what the children has been doing and how they have been interacting in school.

We are so glad that we have put Zachary in Little Big. Thank you to all the teachers and staff at Little Big for their TLC and great effort in helping us develop a bright and active boy.